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Jan. 24, 2024

The Calling I Tried to Escape...Until Last Year!

The Calling I Tried to Escape...Until Last Year!

“Because we have to be careful of bearing fruit that isn’t what God created us to bear and then expecting his anointing to be upon it” ~Rachel G. Scott"

In this episode, I'm sharing my recent testimony of running for a calling and how God patiently pursued me last year. My hope is that by sharing this story, you might be reminded of a calling that may have been buried or forgotten and choose to respond, even when it's scary and uncomfortable.

Tune in to be encouraged and reminded of God's faithfulness as you respond to His call!

Rachel's Bio

Rachel G. Scott is a devoted wife, mother, and Ohio native. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Taking the 5 Leaps, which releases March 2024. As founder of the I Can’t Come Down Movement, Bible teacher, and podcast host, she desires to inspire believers to walk in their purpose and assignment as they boldly take leaps of faith. Discover more at

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