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Taking the Leap with Rachel G. Scott


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Great podcast that leaves you feeling encouraged.

Amazing and Inspiring!

Rachel is a powerhouse of information and insight! Listening to her episodes always gives me more to think and pray about and I’ve learned so much from her to help run my business!

Excellent podcast!

Thank you for your podcast with Tonya Jones Bailey. I felt like God led me to listen today and it was so beautiful. You do such a great job of asking questions. Thank you to you both for an inspiring talk!

Propelled to Take a Leap!!!

I absolutely enjoy each week listening to the testimonies of those who have taken the leap of faith to follow the call of God. I have done leaps of my own. However, each leap still takes trust and faith to make. I am so thankful to Rachel in her obedience to Take the Leap with this podcast and creat this platform. Episode 68 with Amy Debrucque was especially insightful for me. I would say “divinely inspiring!” The testimony of creating the journal with her daughter was a message I know God wanted my ears to hear. It is confirmation for me…it’s time for me to TAKE THE LEAP!!! God bless you both for sharing yourselves with us! Rachel, you are phenomenal! You have a fan in me!!!

James Rousseau

This was such an amazing episode. It really spoke to me. Just this weekend I was telling my sister that I felt like I was in the matrix with corporate job. However, I felt guilty about leaving because I felt like God blessed me with that job. My sister said exactly what was said on this episode about being at a place “ for a season.” I feel like this was definitely confirmation for me. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you and for your obedience. God bless you!

A leap you won’t regret

Love how Rachel and her guests meet us just where we are, especially if we’re fearful to take that next step. Don’t miss out on your heart being inspired…take the leap and push play! ❤️

Ground Breaking!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

This podcast will encourage you to take the necessary leap to your God given purpose , destiny and assignments!! Rachel and her guest are relatable and authentic! They share the strategy and tools it takes to propel you forward!! You won’t want to miss one episode. It will grow your faith and bring clarity and focus to what God has ordained for you to do! Thank you for this amazing podcast!!

Definitely recommend this one!

Rachel is so strategic about bringing on guests who will help us take leaps in our ministries, businesses, and God-inspired endeavors! She also knows how to get the backstory of each guest so that no one feels like it’s impossible to accomplish what God has laid on our hearts to do. This is definitely one to tune into and add to your podcast list!

Encouragement galore!

I love this podcast! It gives me encouragement every week to keep trusting. To keep listening to God and to keep going. I love listening to all the other stories of leaps of faith and how God Always has the best plan. Thanks Rachel for continuing to share God’s goodness with us!

Highly recommend

This stories shared through this Podcast are both inspiring and motivating and a reminder that the journey God brings us on is often different…infinitely better…than what we could have asked for or imagined.

Excellent podcast!

I really enjoy this podcast! Very encouraging.

First podcast with Shawn Bolz

I was so encouraged by what Rachel shared about her own life and her leaps of faith. Also Shawn Bolz shared in a very transparent way how God worked out his greater plan for his life, and ultimately used all of the experiences he had to equip and train him for what Lord is now called him to do.I congratulate Rachel on her first podcast it was very encouraging and blessed me a lot. SC leaped

A Worthwhile Listen

I love this podcast! It’s full of insight and independent thinking it’s a real bonus to have if you’re serious about investing in yourself or investing in what God has called or is calling you to be. I really enjoyed the podcast with Shawn Bloz, and Michelle Myers it was really beautiful for sure. Both about value and growth I loved how Shawn still knew what he was suppose to do/be even with all the careers he has had!! I found the conversation you had with Shawn and Michelle so awesome and really insightful I love how she talked about how she wanted approval because that is one of my weaknesses as well! Good job Mom I love your podcast I’m glad God called you to do this!!

True Leadership

Rachel gives such great insight and wisdom in all her podcasts and I love her heart for the Kingdom and ministry! She leads and loves people well, love this podcast! Vanessa M.


This is food for the spirit, soul, and mind and the motivation I need to keep taking bold leaps of faith. I can’t wait for more episodes.

I can leap!!

Rachel’s lineup of guests and her perspective makes you say I can leap too!!!

Another Encouraging Show

Excited to see Rachel take that leap and do this show for the encouragement of others. The lineup of guests looks stellar and should have plenty of widows nuggets for her audience to chew on and keep coming back.

Inspiration in Every Episode

I've genuinely felt so inspired after listening to each of these episodes! What a blessing!


I am super excited about this podcast. My mentor and friend recommended it to me…my favorite part of all, is the line she ends the first podcast with: “God can do more with your willingness than he can with your worthiness.” 🤯 😍

Such an inspiring podcast

As I’m in the beginning of my own leap story, listening to this podcast is inspiring! It is wonderful to hear about how obeying God and taking the leap pays off for His glory and our good. If you need a good listen and to strengthen your faith walk, this is it! Thank you, Rachel, for your obedience in creating this platform.

I love this show

So inspiring, Keep going. Thank you!!

Great content!

Great relevant content — Thank you!


Rachel has been such a blessing to my life. I’m happy to see her launch a podcast so she can share her knowledge and wisdom with the world

Very Encouraging!

Love this episode! It was very encouraging!

Wow Wow Wow

Finally a place for us ambitious believers to have the tools to take action! Rachel is SO FULL OF WISDOM! 🙌🙌🙌🙌