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June 21, 2023

Ken Fish~The Ripple Effect of Leaps and Listening to God’s Direction

Ken Fish~The Ripple Effect of Leaps and Listening to God’s Direction

“When you make a leap, it affects everybody in your sphere of influence. Your family, your friends, your colleagues, your church, everybody.” ~Ken Fish

Are you trying to decide if now is the right time to take your leap?

How do you know if it’s God leading you to take this leap or your own thoughts and desires?

Our guest today, our guest Ken Fisher, talks about his experience transitioning from the corporate world to ministry, the challenges he faced, and how God was faithful along the journey. He also shares insights on how to navigate major life changes, trust in God's guidance as we take leaps, and his thoughts on the importance of developing relationships in the church and navigating the carnal behaviors that exist in the modern church.

Ken’s Bio

Ken Fish is the founder of Orbis Ministries (formerly Kingdom Fire Ministries). He is a native of the Los Angeles, California area and an honors graduate of Princeton University with a degree in History and Philosophy of Religion. He subsequently earned his Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary with emphasis in theology and intercultural communications. Ken had a 25-year career as a Fortune 500 executive after earning an MBA in finance and strategy from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management. 

Throughout his life, Ken has worked with parachurch ministries and in the church. In the 1980s he worked full-time for John Wimber for several years at Vineyard Ministries International (VMI). Since 2010, his ministry has taken him to over 40 countries on all six inhabited continents, working alongside churches of varying denominations and great diversity. Ken’s work includes vision-casting, teaching on leadership, equipping the saints in healing, prophecy, and deliverance to further the advance of the Kingdom of God, and releasing fresh anointing in the midst of visitation. He has worked alongside national leaders in many countries, led training events for the International Association of Healing Rooms in different parts of the US, and been interviewed on nationally-syndicated radio and television shows such as The Eric Metaxas Show and Premier Christianity. He also hosts his own podcast, “God is Not a Theory”. His meetings are often accompanied by manifest signs and wonders that include prophetic ministry and healing of many types.

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