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Dec. 22, 2023

Christmas Series: Joyful Journeys With Jesus (Part 3) Guest Yvette Walker

Christmas Series: Joyful Journeys With Jesus (Part 3) Guest Yvette Walker

"Obedience sometimes does not come naturally." - Yvette Walker

In this episode, guest Yvette Walker shares her transition from journalism to podcasting and her experiences with God's guidance. She also share about how she has learned to balance podcasting, and journalism with her faith. 

Guest Bio
Yvette is the host of a faith-based podcast and ministry, Positively Joy, which can be found at She is passionate about writing, blogging, and composing Christian songs.

Her devotion to God and her desire to communicate with Him led her to create the devotional and companion study guide, "Whispering in His Ear." Yvette's mission is to share God's love with others through her creative gifts.

Yvette embarked on a journey of deeper expression by attending Christian music artist Rita Springer's DIVE camp, which gave birth to many creative endeavors.

Bible journaling plays a crucial role in Yvette's life, helping her maintain a strong connection to God's Word. She also actively serves in various capacities within her community, dedicating her time and talents to Victory Family Church in Norman, Oklahoma, and St. Augustine of Canterbury in Oklahoma City.

Yvette shares her home with a beloved Maine Coon cat named Gato, her cherished fur kid.

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