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June 28, 2023

Host Rachel G. Scott~Trusting God for your Return on Investment

Host Rachel G. Scott~Trusting God for your Return on Investment

"When we're doing things for the Kingdom of God, we should not have to focus on the return on investment because God is good on his promise to pay."~Rachel G. Scott

Have you ever found yourself questioning when God is going to do something you’ve been praying about?

Would you like to learn how to live a fully surrendered life with no strings attached so you can peacefully do the work God calls you to do?
In our culture, we are used to getting a return on investment for everything we do. This mindset has also infiltrated our spiritual lives, where we expect an immediate return on our investment for doing Kingdom work. In this wrap up session we will talk about learning to trust God for the return on investment of our time and talents, understanding God’s appointed time, and what it means to be a servant and friend of God.

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