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July 5, 2023

Finding Purpose And Community in A New Place For Your Family With Guest Sam Sprunger

Finding Purpose And Community in A New Place For Your Family With Guest Sam Sprunger

"It was a difficult time because the boys weren't very receptive to it. They did not want to do it. We got to the point, once we had decided that we were moving, one of them decided they were going to ask around to see if somebody else would adopt them so they could stay. Wow, that was a tough, tough time." - Sam Sprunger

In today's episode, we have the privilege of speaking with Sam Sprunger, a man who has experienced multiple leaps in his life. From adopting four boys to uprooting his family and starting a new life in a different state, Sam's story is a testament to the power of trust and obedience in God's plan. During the conversation, we will explore the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the impact of his leaps on his family and community.

Sam's Bio

I am 43 years old, and live in NW Ohio. My wife, our 4 sons, and two basset hounds moved almost 2 years ago from NE Indiana, where I had lived my entire life. We are huge Chicago Cubs fans, and yes, the best day of our lives was November 2, 2016! : ) 

I have taught, online, for 4 years, and also have hosted a podcast for almost just as long! The 500 Section Lounge is the product of my wife telling me that I needed to socialize, after I started my online teaching. I decided that I loved to talk, so a podcast made a perfect fit, in my mind! 

So, October 3, 2019, I started my podcast career. It worked out well, because that next March, we all knew the world came to a screeching halt. One thing that didn't stop was people were still willing, and had SO MUCH TIME, to do interviews! 

I am the type of person who will talk to absolutely anyone, anywhere, anytime! I love conversing and finding out more about people! There are plenty of times that I will talk, upwards of 5 minutes, to the worker in the check-out line! If we have something to do, my wife will tell me that I can go get the car, so I don't make us late! 

I just became a grandparent on October 12, 2022! I go by Pops! I didn't want to be grandpa... Pops was fitting for me! I love being Pops! 

My wife and I love going to our boys' events. It's our "relaxation" time! We love seeing our boys performing. 

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