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Taking the Leaps with Rachel G. Scott


Welcome to the "Taking the Leap Podcast" with me, your host, Rachel G. Scott! This podcast is dedicated to inspiring you to take bold leaps of faith as we hear the powerful stories of both men and women from different industries and walks of life, who obeyed God and took risks in exchange for heavens rewards. As you listen, my hope is that their stories will give you the confidence you need to trust God as He leads you to your next Leap.

About the Host

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Rachel G. Scott

Bible Teacher, Author Speaker & Podcast Host


I grew up watching Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Improvement, I Love Lucy, The Sound of Music, and the Moses Bible story on VHS that was 4 days long.

What does that tell you about me? I am a good mix of humor, humility, and holiness.

My days start with fighting for my time with God so that it doesn’t get sucked up by the demands of work and life. Thankfully, my husband is like the Dave to my Joyce Meyers and supports me in unimaginable ways (more about him in the next section). Sunday evening through Friday night I’m sending out writing devotionals, hosting podcasts, preparing for a speaking event, or chatting with 1-on-1 mentoring clients.

That’s just the first shift of my day.

The second shift begins when my children end their school day. I try to finish my work shortly after they make it home (which usually doesn’t happen) because I am quickly met with after-school activities such as practices, lessons, games, and school day stories. Eventually, I go to the kitchen to begin dinner or (if I’m still piled to my neck in work) walk into my husband’s office to ask for some quick meal ideas. He is the quick meal pro. Our bedtime routine is a work in progress but has improved significantly over the years.

Now, Saturdays are special. Saturdays are a day of rest with a special name. I call it Sleep-In Saturday! It’s my favorite day of the week. It’s the only day I get to sleep in as long as I want, wake up to a bowl of unhealthy cereal, spend as long as I want reading my Bible and writing in my journal, wat… Read More