Oct. 17, 2020

Episode 38 - The Swag

Episode 38 - The Swag

We’ve all felt guilt around how much rotting fruit and veggies we throw out every week from the depths of our fridges. Recent stats actually show that the average Aussie throws out 126kgs of food each year. That’s a lot of waste! But what can we do? Where do we start? Introducing - The Swag! Our guest this week has created an innovative product that extends the life of our vegetables in the crisper. But not only that - the Swag’s founder - Peita has created a product that reflects her strong ethics, and values of minimising single-use plastic through sustainable and fair production for the environment and its supply chain. 

You can find out more and get one for yourself at www.theswag.com.au and check them out on Instagram

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