Oct. 3, 2020

Episode 37 - TedX Darlinghurst

Episode 37 - TedX Darlinghurst

These days, almost everyone will have heard of Ted talks - they are short, powerful public talks, known for the communication of good ideas and feature inspiring and motivational speakers. Our guest today, Juan Beijani - has blended his skills in problem solving and mentoring with his personal focus in climate solutions and creating positive impacts to create the upcoming TedX Darlinghurst event on 15 October 2020.

We chat with Juan about how he came to this place in his life and the secrets to organising a carbon-neutral, sustainable event in 5 weeks!

For more info about Juan check out his LinkedIn or listen to the Growing Concern podcast episode with Sean Marsh featuring Juan.  

For info about the event and how to reserve your seat, head over to  https://tedxdarlinghurst.eventbrite.com.au

For more information about the growing Climactic Collective, Check out the network at www.Climactic.com.au   

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