July 4, 2020

Episode 33: Single Use Ain't Sexy!

Episode 33: Single Use Ain't Sexy!

How much are we all washing our hands these days?! A lot! But now, practicing good hand hygiene doesn't have to mean excessive plastic waste. Today we chat with Josh Howard, the founder of Single Use Ain't Sexy. He started the business because he loves this planet of ours and he couldn't get his head around, how many single-use plastic bottles we all use!

With over 60 million single-use plastic bottles ending up in landfill everyday, he knew that he had to make some changes. So he made it his mission to find a solution to this problem - that's how Single Use Ain't Sexy was born. His cutting edge cleaning and personal care products make it so simple - just add water.

We had a great chat with Josh and it was so inspiring to hear about how his business has already saved over 31,000 plastic bottles from landfill in three short months.

Connect with Josh at instagram or on his website

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