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It is very simple. We all have our struggles. This podcast is to share encouragement for all who listen. We are not political or negative, but we do attack negativity. Reach deep inside and discover who you really are. Overcome the struggle, continue to grow, and ultimately you will succeed.

Recent Episodes

Episode #74 " The Truth About Struggle"

Nov. 5, 2022

So many people think of the word "Struggle" as being a negative state of mind. Nothing is further from the truth. Listen and find out how struggle can propel you forward in your life.

Episode # 73 Chapter 13 "Learning How to Pivot"

Oct. 13, 2022

Things are going good in your career or your life and then it happens. Opposition sticks it's ugly head up and challenges you. The most important thing you can learn is how to pivot.

Episode #72 Chapter 12 "Survive and Thrive"

Sept. 18, 2022

This chapter was written during the middle of the pandemic. It discusses how fear ruled most everyone. May people gave up, but there were those who took advantage of the extra time they had, and became better people, and eve…

Episode # 71 Chapter 11 "This Will Never Work"

Aug. 19, 2022

StruggleGrowSucceed by Charles A. Baldwin If you are doubting yourself, there is a chance that you are hanging around the wrong type of people. Listen to this chapter and start believing in yourself.......again.

Episode # 70 Chapter 10 "Time"

Aug. 19, 2022

StruggleGrowSucceed by Charles A. Baldwin How old are you? How young are you? Does it really matter? Age is just a number when it comes to success. Have you thought about your timeline?

Episode #69 Chapter 9 "Is There A Guarantee?"

July 15, 2022

#StruggleGrowSucceed by Charles Baldwin Reading Chapter 9 from the book "Never Give Up." Are you one of those people who needs a guarantee that something will work before you try it, or before you invest in yourself? Listen …