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Sept. 27, 2022

Ep49 Jeremy Blubaugh - Using Personalization to Expand Your Business

Welcome to Ep49 of Strategy + Action.


Jeremy Blubaugh is on the show today and we dig in around this concept of personalization, particularly when it comes to outreach and trying to break through the noise as a sales rep or business owner. 


So often we find ourselves struggling for a chance to simply sit across from that prospect whom you know you can help if you can just get the opportunity to connect with them and have a conversation. 


Jeremy's entire business and expertise are around this concept of finding those personalized ways to connect to that other person, reach out to them, and get that meeting.


He does this for himself to get his clients, of course.  But his specialty is doing that for his clients.  They understand that the creative ways he uses to get in front of somebody are great, but they don't have time to do that themselves.  


That's where his company Coinflip Marketing comes in.  They handle all of that for their clients and find these new, innovative ways to get them in front of high-quality prospects.

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Jeremy Blubaugh

Chief Prospecting Officer

Hi, I'm Jeremy Blubaugh - the Chief Prospecting Officer at Coinflip Marketing. I'm a passionate and creative entrepreneur who absolutely loves to hunt for new business. In fact, I love it so much - I made it a full-time career. That's what I do - I help you open doors. I help open hard to open doors. And I help you swing doors that are stuck an inch or two by strengthening existing relationships. Coinflip Marketing was founded in 2019 - but in 2021 I went all-in with the brand. But the journey really started back in 2016 after reading the book Giftology by John Ruhlin. That book really compounded something I already knew - that personalization, customization, humor, and personability - coupled with strategic gift-giving - can be a game-changer for any business.

On a personal level, I live with my amazing wife and four kids (Calhoun-7, Leo -5, Cora-3 & Boden-1) in Richmond, VA. I love the St Louis Cardinals and often bid on eBay for bronze heads of Ozzie Smith. And for leisure, I enjoy reading books about business.