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Sept. 13, 2022

Ep48 Larry Kaul - How to Find Real Clarity in Your Business

Larry Kaul is on the show today. 

I met Larry on LinkedIn like many of my guests lately.  It's been a fantastic place to just really come alive and network with some amazing folks.  And Larry is a great example of that.

I had a blast having this conversation around the topic of clarity.  It's such a foundational skill to be able to identify exactly what you want to accomplish.  Today, we talk a lot about clarity when it comes to your business, both in starting one from scratch and when you're three years in, for example, and you keep hitting the same obstacles.

Larry has an amazing process for not only identifying those obstacles but finding the root obstacle of them all.  And then being able to help you work past that one so that you open up the floodgates.  Then you can figure out how to get to where you want to go.  And it sounds easy on the surface. Unless of course, you've been in that situation like I certainly have, and a lot of people I know have, which is either starting a business, creating a new offer, whatever that might be, and hitting those roadblocks sometimes just within yourself and struggling to figure out which direction you really want to go.  

So we dig into finding that clarity and really working through how he's helping his clients, how he helped himself, and what you can take away and do as well.


Excerpt from the show:

How to Become a Successful Solopreneur
Larry: Did you ever experience buying things that didn't work out for your business?
The reason behind this is that you're solving the wrong problem. And there's a lack of trust that goes along with it.
It's like knowing you have a problem but can't figure out how to solve it. And the fact that you don't trust experts anymore, because honestly speaking, you have no idea how to utilize the programs they are offering. 
You may start to think people are lying and wrong. But the truth is you just don't know how to hire people and get what you need from them. 
And that's how fraud people take advantage of you. They know how to get to you because they know you're going through a lot of pain. Although some offer good services, people buy them for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. 
And this is because they don't have that clarity around what's causing the issues they're having.
That's the dilemma happening in the market.
So how does the solopreneuring approach fit into that? 
The entrepreneur mindset is your optimistic vision to move forward. And there are two steps you need to understand.
Step #1 Knowing precisely what you want.
Larry: People have to start thinking about their destination.
Where do you want to go? Where do you want your life to be right now, and in the future?
These are called global goals.
It's not your typical objective or smart goal. It's how you want your personal life to be and what kind of work you want to do.
You're building your legacy, your mission, your purpose, and your big why. And all that is realized in a tangible form as a company.
And then you have to look at security and stability.
How much money do you need? What kind of systems do you need to deliver the life you envisioned?
The first step is not that hard unless you have limited thinking. Some people even struggle with just writing down what they want. 
Step #2 Knowing exactly where you are on the map.
Larry: This is called reality-based thinking. 
This thought process comes from the standpoint of seeing the reality of the truth in yourself and your situation. You have to do it even if it's painful for some people. 
Let us visualize these obstacles as trees that fell on the road, and you need to figure out how to go around them. 
An excellent way to do this is by writing down all your obstacles. And when everything's written, you could narrow down your global goals.
We want to create a reality tree. 
This will show you the cause-and-effect relationship of all the obstacles in a stark format. 
And because you have written it, you can't simply escape it. This will give you clarity on the real problem that you're having.
Now, if you can do it in different ways, using a map or however you want to do it, as long as you're able to identify your obstacles clearly, and see the cause and effect relationships, then you're good.
You should find the cause of your obstacles at the base of your tree, and there will be that one cause you will see very well right now. 
And when you know the clear cause of your obstacles, you will know what to fix and what has to be eliminated.
You will intuitively know what to do, but you can't just act on them. You have to know exactly where you want to go and be able to articulate it to yourself and other people. 
Solopreneurs are people who will not only work for themselves but have the driving motivation to build the life they truly dreamed of. 
To be passionate and focused on the more important things in life is what a solopreneur is.
And for that, there is joy in their work. 
To do that successfully means you have to surround yourself with people who share your vision.
And if you can connect with this kind of people, you will create something you always wanted.
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Larry Kaul


Larry Kaul has owned and operated 4 different businesses over his 22-year career working for himself.

He made $17M in revenue over this period but often felt like he was walking down a dark corridor in a dream with the door at the end getting further and further away, despite his efforts to run faster.

This all changed on September 20th, 2020, as he turned his business over to a partner to run and founded what is now called Solopreneur Inc.

Larry had realized that it was on him to find a better way to win the self-employment game, or he would never feel content with his accomplishments.

After over a year of studying the best of the best, he realized that what worked was to get clarity on what he wanted and the primary obstacles in his way and then remove them one at a time, starting with the biggest one.

This led to creating the Solopreneur Inc. Live Your Best Life program, designed to help others identify and remove the major obstacles standing in their way of true self-employed success.