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Valuable Law Enforcement Leadership Podcast

Dean I was a student of your on FBI LEEDA and enjoyed one of your milestones in Lewisville, Texas. Your lessons are great and the leadership advice you give is definitely it in the BS zone. Keep up the great success at LHLN and this podcast.


Dean is truly no BS. I have been fortunate to have him for several classes. This podcast is building on each episode. If you truly want to be better there is something for any leader in each episode.

Podcast growing leaders

I was student of Dean Crisp in the FBI LEEDA course and I have continued to follow him as he grows more leaders around our nation and especially in the area of law-enforcement. This podcast tackles the crucial elements of leadership and I look forward to the next.


Such an inspiring speaker! Love that these are available via podcasts.

Love this!!!

Great podcast and tips on leadership!!

Want a punch in the gut

Heard Dean almost a month now in an intentional leadership class. Very informative and practical speaker that will open not only your brain but your heart as well. This job is always changing and keeps you on your toes. Listen and read anything Dean Crisp


Fantastic show! Must listen!


I have had the opportunity to attend a class taught by Dean twice, through FBI-LEEDA. I was blown away by his knowledge, passion, engagement, and understanding of leadership. I took from his first class a re-focusing of my own leadership, both personally snd professionally and from that class beca…

Straight Talk Podcast

Great tips come from seasoned leaders and this podcast is full of self help tips to develop your leadership skills. Trendy, informative, and filled with aha material.

Dean Crisp Straight Talk

Dean is a leading authority on leadership among American and Canadian law enforcement. This podcast highlights Dean’s passion for creating and growing future leaders. Can’t wait for future episodes! If you want to learn how to be the best version of yourself, add this podcast to your regular listen…

Dean Crisp

Great podcast on leadership!!! No BS Zone

Very informative and motivating!!

Always looking for motivating speakers and Dean is great! Real and keeps you wanting to hear more!! Whether you are in a leadership role or not, it definitely will motivate you to strive to get to that leading role or be a leader in all of your current roles in life and career! Can’t wait to hear m…