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Oct. 9, 2022

R6 Pen Pals Primer Re-issue

R6 Pen Pals Primer Re-issue
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This episode is the Pen Pal primer. 

I followed this episode up with a more in-depth look at other letter writing societies:


2,300,000 members

Easy to read Privacy policy

Free and paid options

Started in 1998

Mostly online


Snail mail


Pretty long privacy statement


Email and snail mail

Start in 1995

Good privacy policy


more of an online personal ad site for Pen Pals

Does abide by EU Privacy Regulations 

Don’t bother signing up if you are under 16

The only info on the site is what you post in your ad


Another a personal ad page looking for pen pals

No privacy policy, again what is on the site is what you post.

https://incowrimo.org (part of the reason I started this podcast)

A letter every day in February

There are address exchanges

Not all Pen Pal sites are for everyone:


Very snail mail centric

Very clever writing on the website

Has a Patreon for support

Good safety page

Get sorted into houses based on age.

They allow any gender, but can we let them have this one please?

I also had a chance to interview a director of the IGGLES:


Students, kids, teachers only

Admins will make matches


More of a language exchange







You can find PenPals on Instagram




Or ideas for SnailMail



How to get a PO Box