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June 12, 2022

58 Return of the Shiny!

58 Return of the Shiny!

 In today’s episode, we will be talking about getting the Postal Service into shape and shiny pens that you pretty much just get to look at.

USPS Price Increase we missed two months ago: 

Postal Bulletin

Mariachi and Migratory Bird Hunting

Underwhelming set of postmarks except the new Mariachi color postmark

John Oliver Duck Stamps:

That thing got a Hemi? The USPS Cargo Trikes

Zebra Pressurized ballpoint (thanks to friend of the show, Vance)


Midori for notebook of the year? I agree.

The Kaweco Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen 

Hand lettering on the rise again

Were you envious of your Dad’s toolbox as a kid? Get a caddy box for your laptop! I love the production value of this item.

My favorite recent use of letter writing, kids helping shelter pets!

Dunhill teamed up with Namiki in the 1930 and produce some amazing pens that are now sought after collectors items!

It’s Aztec, but does it have abs?

So GvFC’s main website is greedy on details but the Singapore site gives it up.  The pen has an obsidian grip section!!

Rocket pen (multipen?), yes please!

Benu is back! Now located in Armenia: