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May 15, 2022

56 Going to the Mountain

56 Going to the Mountain

In today’s episode, we will be talking about strange things afoot in the ink world and apparently all things Mont Blanc.


John- New Super Orange Mark One from Studio Neat

Postal Bulletin

Katharine Graham (1917–2001)

United States Postal Service

300th Anniversary Station (Barrington, not the USPS)

Happy Birthday, Barrington!

Noodler’s Anti-Semitic Antics

Controversial earlier this year 

This week’s label issue, not noticed since about ‘18-’19 

Noodler’s Statment 

Goulet Statement 

Anderson Pens and Atlas Stationers are also dropping Noodler’s 

New Ink names

Keeping Oregon Strange(r)

Letter writing is getting expensive in the UK.

Can writing a letter help you get the winning bid for a house?  It can again now.

The Mont Blanc monolith has been spotted in Germany

And Mont Blanc in Kenya (130,000 KES = 1,119.53 USD)

NERD Alert! It’s a Jony Ives article and his favorite tools