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April 17, 2022

54 Saturday night's alright for fighting

54 Saturday night's alright for fighting

This episode covers some Postal Services offerings we missed, some fun articles that are stationery adjacent, and some very expensive stationery offerings.

Evan’s New Acquisitions: (I know I said I’d be trying not to buy anything soon so I could get an Emperor)
 Sailor Fika Coffee
 Lamy Safari Cream

Postal Bulletin
George Morrison stamp we missed, this is the color postmark

Other stamp not in the bulletin?

Women's rowing stamps

George Morrison stamp announcement:

Possible FOREVER stamp from Ukraine

Possible FOREVER stamp from Ukraine

Where to buy the stamp from Ukraine

The Letter Locking article from Atlas Obscura (thanks to Friend of the Show Janet for the tip)

This list includes a $1860 notebook and an $8 million fountain pen

The $8 Million stamp
To be filed in the “Should have spent more on spell check”

I’ll keep an eye out for SOLO products but I haven’t seen this “global” brand yet.

5 letter writing tips from a letter writing club out of the UK

Letter writing campaign for Ukrainian refugees

To be filed under “keep your address book updated”

Are you Jonesing for a tee-time?  What’s the answer?  Write a letter of course!

Fun look at why fountain pens have become a “cult” and a really good pen list!

Singapore’s idea of FOMO! Did someone say…Namiki?

List of pens for a gentleman’s desk and yes it includes a Yard O-led!

Last and not least, a love letter to Ranga Pens from India!