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March 20, 2022

52 Getting Straight with Straits Pens

52 Getting Straight with Straits Pens

And in today's episode, we are joined live from Singapore by the two founders of Straits Pens, Sunny and Lip, and they were kind enough to come on the show with us to discuss their Honest Inks line and the state of their Myu and Murex collections.

Straits Pens - pens, Honest Inks and bespoke ink mixing.

CYs tear down

Hero (Wingsung) 698

Hero 850

3776 Century

Clarification from Lip Sing:
In regards to the 4 new colours, I mentioned about Peranakan. They are actually also called Straits-born Chinese. They are basically Chinese that married the Malay women and have their own culture and food that is Malay influenced and have a very interesting culture. For the caucasian that married local women, they are known as Eurasians.