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March 6, 2022

51. Getting Your Fix

51. Getting Your Fix

In today’s episode, we have news from the Postal Service, stationery exploration from Singapore and more places for you addicts to get your stationery fix.

New Aquisitoins: 

Figboot Leonardo Momento (Zero?) 

Shel Silverstein stamp announcement! It looks like they are allowing special station postmarks.


Studio Ghibli Stationery!  Kinokuniya in Singapore!  So much winning!


John’s exploration in Singapore stationery so far

-Art shop at City Square

-Japanese art shop at Paya Lebar Quarter, Tokyu Hands

-Got to meet Sunny and Lip at Straits Pens, great guys, Sunny showed me an actual Arabic nib, https://www.instagram.com/p/Carod5HvJce/ Interview coming soon!

And I wanted to throw out a special thanks to Dan and Tom of Studio Neat for re-opening the Orange Mark One for worldwide orders. One will be on its way to Singapore. Sorry, it’s sold out now.


Elle magazine (India) delivering all the Etsy stores!


She used the magic words Stationery addict!


The Papier shop, some emphasis on mental wellness but not what I would call curated. Maybe this is just what you do with $50 million in startup funding.


Another appeal for more letter writing.


And we (maybe just I) missed InCoWriMo!!