Aug. 23, 2020

10: Urban Hafner of Fountain Pen Companion

10: Urban Hafner of Fountain Pen Companion

This episode is a discussion about ink tracking with Urban Hafner of

Urban has developed an extensive website for tracking inks, pens, and more called the Fountain Pen Companion. He is also a co-host of a podcast of the same name.  Urban is also an avid Chinese pens collector.

Ink Journal

Leonardo Pens on Appelboom

PenBBS on Etsy

Bobby on ChinesePen

EasyBuy on Etsy

Is your favorite ink #1 on FPC?

Fountain Pen Love

385 ink brands on FPC

E-2 Paper

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos zoom nib

Pilot 78G

Wing Sung piston filler

Pen BBS 456 vacuum filler with a #6 nib

Karas Decograph cracked ice

Urban’s name chop as a two-color wax seals

Naomi Bulger’s Mail Art Coloring Books

Naomi Bulger on Instagram

Urban on the Internets:

Urban on FPC




John on the Internets:

John on FPC




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