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Oct. 13, 2020

28-Relationships and Communication with special guest Louis Morris

28-Relationships and Communication with special guest Louis Morris

Not many people can say they’re living their childhood dream. Fortunately, one little boy from Newark, New Jersey, can.

Since he was a teenager, Louis has been a source of relationship advice for his neighborhood friends. After pursuing his certification as a life coach in 2018, Louis turned his passion into his career.

Louis’ mission is to help women & couples deepen their connection, communication and intimacy in their relationships and spiritual lives.

As a relationship coach, Louis brings a keen, nonjudgmental ear, bringing his perspective as a man and that of a son raised with four sisters and a wise mom. He supports his clients in exploring the concerns stagnating their relationship then together they chart a course forward, based on understanding and action.

As a spirituality coach, Louis offers support in strengthening or establishing a connection with the Creator, because he believes nothing helps us improve ourselves & reach our potential like He can!

Along with coaching, Louis’ podcast, The Heart Matters, offers bi-weekly straight talk and insights from experts that compliment all aspects of relational, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

For those curious about how Louis can be of service to their relationship or heart, he’s always happy to talk, offering free, 45-minute exploratory calls for those interested in reigniting their most important relationships. Visit www.louismorriscoaching.com to schedule yours today.


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For interview requests, podcast inquiries, or guest writing needs, please direct them to Louis at Louis@louismorriscoaching.com