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Sprinkled with Hope

Sprinkled with Hope

Our vision: It's all about the ONE.

Leading a rich and happy life is fulfilling. When it is filled with hope there is much to be looking forward to. Shane and Jason take you on a journey to find within yourself how to make and have a better, happier, more fulfilled life. Take the journey for yourself.

Recent Episodes

192- The Power of Our Words with Katie Ross

March 21, 2023

Katie talks with us about the power of words. Words are so powerful. #words #powerful #kind Bio taken from www.jollysoul.com I wanted to create a 'place to make your soul feel good', full of positive life help, with quotes a…

191- "Be" Love with Dee Wallace

March 14, 2023

We talk with Dee about her book "Born. Giving birth to a new you" and all things about love. She has had an incredible acting career and is focusing on healing energy. The energy you put out into the universe is the energy w…

190- Small Steps and Little Wins with Kristen Butler

March 9, 2023

We talk with Kristen about why she started Power of Positivity. She is very inspiring. Kristen Butler is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, leader and visionary in personal development with a huge heart and captivating aut…

189- Color Outside the Lines with April Hernandez Castillo

March 7, 2023

Bio taken from IMDB One of the most respected Latina actresses in Hollywood, April Hernandez-Castillo's personal life story is one of victory. Her feature film debut as Eva Benitez in the Image Award-nominated MTV film, Free…

188- Undergoing the Unexpected with Jillian Benfield

March 2, 2023

Undergoing Transformation: Mother of Child with Disabilities Shares How God Uses Unexpected Seasons When unexpected moments change life’s trajectory, we’re left with a choice: Do we overcome the unexpected, as the world reco…

187- Finding Commonalities with Anne Scottlin

Feb. 28, 2023

Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC, is a global impact strategist, award-winning author, actress, and speaker. Her passion is powerfully supporting leaders and changemakers to make the world a better place. Anne has been a professional …