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March 31, 2021

Ep.79: Your Phone Is Making You Less Creative

Is it possible that these constant sound machine distraction devices are actually making us less creative? Sure, we can get a lot done on our smart phones, but are they making us less smart in the process?

In this episode:

  • How  to do a phone detox and why it's important,
  • Tips for that red notification number above your email (the one that drives you crazy),
  • How to tap into creativity sans smart phone.

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"Technology is incredibly creative and has great potentials; but it is also very seductive in the way it isolates people, in the way it jazzes people up, in the way it makes junkies out of us - junkies who need a constant stimulation, more information, more bells and whistles, more electronic wonders in order not to be bored." -Parker J. Palmer