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Dec. 31, 2020

Ep.68: Growing Up In The Circus w/ Nicoll Dominguez

Buckle your seats and grab some popcorn, we’re about to enter the “Big Top!” Nicoll Dominguez, aka Nicky D, is a 5th generation circus performer, 23 years old, born in Venezuela, does a variety of aerial acts and grounds acts, has worked in big shows in Las Vegas like Criss Angel the Supernaturalist, V Theater at Planet Hollywood, Purple Rain at Tropicana, traveling circuses and more. She’s also a DJ, dancer, model, magician assistant and is part of the Dominguez Family which are known to be the best Globe Riders in the circus industry. We talk about:  • What it's like to be a circus kid • Harsh realities of injuries in show business • The most shocking stage moment she experienced (it involves an elephant) • Stage fright and mindset for auditions • Some hilarious stories both on stage and off.