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May 8, 2022

The dangers of data in a post-Roe world

The leaked SCOTUS draft ruling that would overturn abortion rights will reshape society. That includes the tech industry, which is grappling with company health benefits, user data privacy and everything in between.

This week, we’re talking the tech implications of the Supreme Court's draft ruling on Roe v. Wade, including how Amazon — a company not always synonymous with workers’ rights — has made a major commitment to ensure its employees living in states where abortion could be banned can still access health care. We’ll also explore the new climate misinformation war on Facebook to keep things extra uplifting. Then, Gizmodo reporter Shoshana Wodinsky joins us to explain how data brokers and ad tech firms buy and sell information that could put users at risk in a post-Roe world. 

Finally, Caitlin and Brian take a breather from crushing sadness to consider the following very important question: Is Target tech?

For more on the topics in this week’s episode: