S2-EP35: State's Response to Discovery Motion

S2-EP35: State's Response to Discovery Motion

McLean County turned over less than 900 pages before the trial, and again in 2007 when Jamie went pro se. Now we know there are nearly 8000 pages that have never been turned over to Jamie. Yet, the state continues to fight against Jamie and his attorneys having access to the very documents that the state has had access to all along. Join us as we discuss the state’s response to the motion for discovery that will be argued on September 8th.

Read the state’s response:

Please join us at the McLean County Law & Justice Center in Bloomington, Illinois on September 8th at 1:30 to show support for Jamie’s new attorney from the Exoneration Project, Lauren Myercough-Mueller, as well as for Jamie and his family. Join our Facebook Event page for updates.

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