S2-EP33: Discovery Motion Break Down

S2-EP33: Discovery Motion Break Down

During trial, Jamie was saddled with an attorney who had suffered a stroke, and his co-counsel who was apparently preparing for Jamie’s case at the local bar. In 2007 Jamie stood alone, once again, as he struggled with another appointed attorney who refused to raise issues that Jamie felt were critical to his defense. In Episode 33, we analyze the issues that led to the recent motion for discovery that will be held at the McLean County Law & Justice Center on September 8th at 1:30pm. We’ll take a deep dive into the hearing the 2007 hearing when Jamie went pro se, and was granted discovery. We’ll also go through the items that were withheld from Jamie that are claimed in the motion filed by the Exoneration Project. Please join us at the McLean County Law & Justice Center in Bloomington, Illinois on September 8th at 1:30 to show support for Jamie’s new attorney from the Exoneration Project, Lauren Myerscough-Mueller, as well as for Jamie and his family.

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