S2-EP29: Bad Blood

S2-EP29: Bad Blood

In 2008, the Exoneration Project filed a motion for DNA testing of the blood, clothes, bullets, and fingerprints gathered at the crime scene in 1991. That was finally whittled down to an agreement to test the blood sample that was collected from the floor. And that sample, incredibly, turned out to match the victim’s blood. We know from reports from the first officer on the scene, the paramedics, and the medical examiner that Bill Little did not bleed out, and had no lacerations or open wounds on his body at the time of his death. In this episode we explore the blood sample collected from the floor - Exhibit #2 - and its transformation into Exhibit #2A. What happened to the original blood sample, and how could it have matched the victim if he had no lacerations on his body?

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