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Great informative podcast

Excellent informative podcast of the injustices of the early 90’s prosecution of one of the many wrongfully convicted men of McLean county.

Anxiously await every new episode!

This podcast just keeps getting better & better! It’s fantastic that we get to personally hear the voice & perspective of Jamie Snow. If anyone doubts this man’s innocence just listen to him talk for a few minutes and you’ll see why we will all keep pushing until he gets the freedom & justice he deserves!

Innocent but not Free

It’s very clear with no evidence other than incarcerated deals that lead to false confessions!!


This podcast is amazing! I just order my Merch! I love that we get to hear from Jamie so much! Everything about it is great. I have followed this case since I listened to his story by Bob Ruff! This time we get so much more in-depth and personal! I will continue to pray for his release.


Incredible story- Jamie needs to be free!

Great work!

You all are doing great work. Love the podcast!

Love it!

Love this show! Especially love that we hear Jamie Snow's perspective of the case!

Free This Man

This story is nuts. Let’s improve the justice system and hold them accountable.

Very detailed and excellent podcastpodcast

I knew of Jamie’s case from the truth and justice pod and started writing him. He is a genuine, sincere guy but most importantly he’s innocent and this podcast does a great job presenting his case in detail. It’s easy to follow and will keep you interested. So glad there are good folks out there fighting for the innocent.

Very well done!

I have enjoyed listening to this podcast even though I was familiar was Jamie’s case. They do a great job of digging through a lot of the court documents, witness statements, and the twists and turns that Jamie had to endure during his own trial. I love hearing from Jamie himself, which makes the podcast extra special. My heart goes out to Jamie and his family and I can’t wait until he is released! I am confident that day is coming.

Great work!!!!

Great podcast. Every episode is very detailed and informative. Very easy to follow with a personal touch from Jamie himself. Keep up the great work.

Great work

Thanks guys it’s so important Just to shine A light on a problem that many Americans think can’t happen in the worlds greatest legal system. Unfortunately the cops aren’t the good guys in many of these stories. btw many countries whose legal systems date back much farther than our say theirs is the best . I wonder how many years Amanda Knox would have served should she have been convicted in Indiana


I don’t usually listen to podcasts, but I heard of this one and am hooked!! Definitely check this out if you haven’t!

Free Jamie

I love how Jamie is such a big part of this podcast, then all of you come in and back up with documents. Great job.

He tells his own story

The defendant recounts his own story himself, and is backed up by trial documents and group analyses. Original take on a true crime story.