S2: Episode 29 - Bad Blood - Case Documents

Most of these documents were obtained through FOIA requests, and were unknown to Jamie prior to trial, nor prior to the DNA motion filed in 2008. There may be duplicate materials.

Bloomington Police Department (BPD56).pdf (BPD57).pdf Evidence Inventory (Part)(BPD25).pdf Evidence Inventory (Part)(BPD26).pdf Supplement Reports RE_Blood (BPD26).pdf Receipt (Initial) (BPD42).pdf Report, 10-15-09 (BPD25).pdf Report, 4-23-91 (BPD42).pdf Report, 4-23-91b (BPD20).pdf Report.pdf

Illinois State Police Receipt (Crime Scene) 4-3-91 (ISP6).pdf Receipt, 12-2-09 (ISP3)(BPD25).pdf Receipt, 8-11-09 (ISP3)(BPD25).pdf Receipt, 8-26-91a (ISP3).pdf Receipt, 9-24-09 (ISP3)(BPD25).pdf Custody History (ISP3).pdf Memorandum, 9-18-09 (ISP3).pdf Unknowns Extraction Worksheet.pdf DNA Summary (BPD25).pdf - 15-1779 DFS Docs, BCSS Reports.13-17.pdf - 15-1779 DFS Docs, BCSS Reports.55-97.pdf