May 26, 2021

S2-EP26: Rage Against the Crime Scene

After Officer Williams turned the crime scene over to Sgt Irvin, Crime Scene Investigator in training Randall McKinley was the first CST to arrive, followed by CST Ed Kallal from the Illinois State Police. In this episode, we methodically walk you through their steps from arriving on the scene on March 31st, 1991 to receipting all of the evidence on April 3rd, 1991. This episode covers their observations, reports, and all items of “evidential value” collected. We will also discuss the autopsy in more detail, the state of the body and additional wounds on the victim. And although this evidence was collected - and deemed “of evidential value” – the State of Illinois still refuses to test these items.

May 19, 2021

S2-EP25: Q&A: Body of No Evidence

Questions, answers and discussion from Episode 25 - Body of No Evidence.

EP 25

May 13, 2021

S2-EP25: Body of No Evidence

On the night of March 31, 1991, Bill Little was murdered at the Clark Gas Station on Empire Street in Bloomington, IL. Immediately, Bloomington police secured the scene, examined the victim’s body, and collected physical evidence. Shoeprints, fingerprints, and blood type all excluded Jamie Snow. Jamie Snow was ultimately convicted of the murder in 2001, based solely on faulty eyewitness and jailhouse snitch testimony. This episode covers forensic evidence from the victim’s body that should be retested with modern day technology, and explores evidence from the victim’s body that was never tested. The State of Illinois continues to fight any additional forensics testing to this day.

May 13, 2021

Trailer: Snow Files Season 2 - Forensics Edition

In Season 1, we learned that Jamie Snow was convicted based on the faulty witness identification and jailhouse informants with no corroboration - and although physical evidence was obtained from the crime scene, it has yet to be tested. Snow Files Season 2 features a deep dive into the forensics in the Jamie Snow case. We will examine police reports, coroner reports, and evidence logs to flesh out what forensic evidence is available for testing. And we'll explore the crime scene from a forensic perspective. What physical evidence was gathered? How was it secured? What evidence is viable for testing? Please join us as we work through the body of physical evidence and forensics technologies. You'll be left wondering, as we do, Why not test the DNA? Snow Files Season 2 debuts on Wednesday, May 12. Visit SnowFiles.net for updates, to listen and view case documents and photos, and to join our social media sites. Snow Files is a Snowman Network Production.

April 10, 2021

S1-EP24: Season 1 Finale -Whose Lie is it Anyway? Witness Recap Trivia Game

In our Season 1 Finale, contestants Jamie, Tam, and Lesley play a trivia game moderated by Bruce, to test our memory of who said what, and how they affected Jamie’s case. We run down the crime scene witnesses, lawyers, inform...

March 10, 2021

S1-EP23: Curt and Christine Lovelace - In Their Own Words

Former small-town Quincy, Illinois prosecutor, Curt Lovelace, was arrested in 2013 for the murder of his deceased wife. Cory Lovelace had passed away in her bed eight years before, until a cold case detective with seemingly u...

February 24, 2021

S1-Bonus Episode: Proposed Parole for Natural Lifers – Discussion

On February 17, 2021, Democratic Representative Anne Stava-Murray of the 81st District read and filed a bill to the Illinois General Assembly to amend statues governing the eligibility for parole or release. As drafted, bill ...

February 09, 2021

S1-EP22, Part 2: Jamie's Sentencing - We Got Life

In part one of Episode 22, Jamie explained how losing a parent at a young age can impact a child’s self-perception and greatly affect their coming of age moments. But what happens to a child when the state takes a parent unti...

January 28, 2021

S1-EP22, Part 1: Jamie’s Sentencing – I Got Life

Mitigating factors are considered by a judge during sentencing in efforts to reduce the sentence based on circumstance. Jamie did not kill Bill Little. However, the State of Illinois presented petty troubles he faced as a min...

December 30, 2020

S1-EP21: Post Trial Motions - Better Off Alone

On May 10th, 2001, Jamie Snow was sentenced to natural life in prison for a murder he did not commit. Jamie had lost all faith in his incompetent public defenders, but had one last Hail Mary in him. Jamie filed a motion to fi...

December 09, 2020

S1-Bonus Episode: Jamie's Remarks on the Closing Arguments

Jamie reflects on the atmosphere during the closing arguments, how he felt, what was going through his mind, how his family was treated by the court, and even his physical reactions to the stress of being on trial for murder....

December 04, 2020

S1-EP20: The Truth Never Changes - Closing Arguments

On January 15th, 2001, closing remarks were delivered in the murder case against Jamie Snow in the circuit court of the eleventh judicial court, before the Honorable Donald D. Bernardi and the Jury in McLean County, Illinois....

November 25, 2020

S1-Q&A: Jamie Responds to Questions about his Testimony

Jamie answers questions he received about his testimony including his co-defendent Susan Powell, correctional officer Mary Burns, Susan's brother Tim Powell and he also gives an update on Julie Knight. If you haven't listened...

November 11, 2020

S1-EP19, Part 2: Jamie Takes the Stand

In 2001, Jamie Snow took the stand in his own defense against the charge of murder. Jamie’s legal team was extremely underprepared, and explained to him that if he did not testify, he wouldn’t win his case. He had one night’s...

October 15, 2020

S1-EP19, Part 1: Jamie Takes the Stand

In 2001, Jamie Snow took the stand in his own defense against the charge of murder. Jamie’s legal team was extremely underprepared, and explained to him that if he did not testify, he wouldn’t win his case. He had one night’s...

September 10, 2020

S1-EP18: Gal Pals: Julie Knight and Bridget Logsdon

Julie Knight first told police about Susan Claycomb's alleged "confessions" in 1997 after Knight had been taken to the Bloomington Police station because of unspecified legal trouble. Knight made another statement in April 19...

August 27, 2020

S1-EP17: Be Afraid. Be Mary Afraid: Mclean County Correctional Officer - Mary Burns

Just days before the trial, defense witness Mary Burns, an all too friendly corrections officer, was contacted by the state. Reports suggest that she resigned from the McLean County Jail in 2000, after having an affair with a...

August 10, 2020

S1-EP16: Lies My Preacher Told Me: The Reverend Bill Gaddis

In 1999, a "self-appointed" gang boss turned Reverend returned to the state of Illinois to testify against Jamie. Jamie never met Bill Gaddis in his entire life. Bill Gaddis was loosely connected to some of Jamie’s friends on...

July 22, 2020

S1-EP15: I Got Life with a Little Help from my Friends – Kevin Schaal and Jody Winkler

For six months in 1995, Kevin Schaal was Jamie’s cellmate. Jamie settled in Florida the next year and began a successful career in tree cutting. When Schaal was released, he brought his entire family to Jamie’s doorstep and J...

July 15, 2020

S1-Bonus Episode: Message in a Bottle - A CALL TO ACTION TO HELP JAMIE SNOW!

A message in a bottle was traditionally sent as a distress call, by those at sea who found themselves doomed. Jamie Snow understands the sentiment all too well. Jamie has sent his own SOS pleas via message in a bottle a few t...

July 08, 2020

S1-EP14: Whose Lie is it Anyway? Witness Recap Trivia Game

Contestants Jamie, Tam, and Lesley play a trivia game moderated by Bruce, to test our memory of who said what, and how they affected Jamie’s case. We run down the crime scene witnesses, lawyers, and informants we have discuss...

June 25, 2020

S1-Ep13: Karen Calls the Cops: Karen Strong

In 1999, BPD held an in person meeting with Karen Strong. Karen reported that her ex-boyfriend, Mark “Stretch” McCowan, supposedly told her years earlier that Jamie was involved in the Clark Station murder-robbery. Two months...

June 11, 2020

S1-EP12: Nothing Left to Booze: Bruce Roland

In 1994, repeat DUI offender Bruce Roland wrote to the McLean State's Attorney's Office twice, pleading for leniency, saying he could get them an indictment in the Clark gas station murder. But when they sent detective Crowe ...

June 03, 2020

S1-EP11: Bridge Over Troubled Robber: Ed Hammond

In 1996, bank robber Ed Hammond was sitting in prison, concerned about a looming 10 year federal sentence. He had a cell mate the year before who had gossiped about Jamie Snow and recently flipped. So when the police came kno...