S1-EP21: Post Trial Motions - Better Off Alone

On May 10th, 2001, Jamie Snow was sentenced to natural life in prison for a murder he did not commit. Jamie had lost all faith in his incompetent public defenders, but had one last Hail Mary in him. Jamie filed a motion to fire his lawyers two months prior, only to find out they beat him to it, and they were already trying to quit. The state and the judge would not allow it. So Jamie and his team went to the sentencing hearing unprepared, expecting a 20-60 year sentence, only to be blindsided with life without the possibility of parole. The prosecutor had thirty three pages of arguments, and Jamie’s team had two. This twenty-first episode of Snow Files exposes the repetitive systemic failures that lead to Jamie’s wrongful conviction, and the severe injustice that is still so hard to undo today, twenty years later.

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