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March 14, 2023

Slogging It: Walking the Ashes to support The Lords Taverners

Slogging It: Walking the Ashes to support The Lords Taverners
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Robbo, Johnno, and Eugene have been teasing their listeners for months about an upcoming announcement and now it’s time to let it loose - Slogging it! Walk the Ashes. 

It was Robbo’s idea and we are excited to formally announce it. We discuss why we’re doing it, where we’re doing it, and how the you guys as listeners can get involved. We also discuss Robbo’s strange habit of thinking of 19 songs about respect before their podcast starts. 

The challenge is to walk from one Ashes venue to the next, which has even caught the attention of our great friend Toby Tarrant, but Eugene's meniscus has been causing him trouble, so we’re monitoring his situation as time progresses. Regardless, the challenge will go ahead and everyone is looking forward to it.

The walk consists of five test matches and is roughly 670 miles long. It will take place over 22 days, starting on June 12th at Tavs HQ in Chancery Lane, London and ending at Tavs HQ on roughly July 31st. 

The purpose of the walk is to raise money for the Lord's Taverners and to empower young people with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds through cricket. 

We will be posting updates on social media and will have a text-to-give code and a different JustGiving page.

There is plenty of chat about how you guys can get involved and also help us to make this dream a great success! Plus all the usual nonsense from three muppets who love cricket and doing things for charity! 

Slog on!