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Jan. 18, 2023

S3 Ep17: It’s official…. There’s just too much T20 cricket

S3 Ep17: It’s official…. There’s just too much T20 cricket
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This week the lads take on a few bits, including the watering down of quality in global franchise tournaments, the importance of any environment, songs you sing to yourself whilst playing, and Simon opens with a song you’d never expect! Enjoy and keep slogging 🙏🏏🙌

  • Discussion of recent Ashes series matches and updates on the Lord's Taverners charity walk
  • Recap of the Eastern Cape Summarizers vs. Indians Cape Town game in the BBL, where the Summarizers won with three balls remaining
  • Analysis of the Brisbane Heat vs. Melbourne Stars game in the BBL, where a last-ball lap shot by Matt Renshaw secured a win for the Heat and eliminated the Stars from top-five contention
  • Discussion of the BBL's unique rule where if a ball hits the roof of the stadium, it counts as six runs
  • The impact of the environment on players' ability to perform
  • The role of mental health and wellbeing in creating a positive environment
  • The evolution of coaching and leadership styles towards a more understanding and open approach
  • Examples of leaders and coaches who have recognized the importance of creating a positive environment for players to succeed, such as Michael Atherton and Steve Smith.
  • The ECB, Ben Stokes, and Brendan McCullum recently held a meeting with the 18 counties to outline their vision for how they want county cricket to be played in order to better prepare players for the test team and increase success in the long term.
  • The lads express different opinions on this approach, with some questioning the effectiveness of the ECB's strategy and others highlighting the importance of different playing styles and conditions for different players.
  • Some of the speakers believe that this approach is not realistic or fair, as it tries to impose a specific vision onto the players, rather than allowing them to develop their own unique style of playing cricket.
  • The lads also mention that the conditions and the style of play in T20 Cricket are different from Test Cricket and players adapt accordingly.