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Jan. 10, 2023

S3 Ep16: Ian Austin Lives on!!!

S3 Ep16: Ian Austin Lives on!!!
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To some people, a slightly rotund all rounder from Lancashire’s glory days…. To Johnno, a hero! This week the lads discuss everything from boyhood heroes to boring pitches via the medium of Rocky IV. Random as always, but a hell of a lot of fun to record! Slog on sloggers!

  • Introduction to Walking the Ashes and the lads participating
  • Discussion of initial weight measurements and personal goals
  • Mention of the Ashes Walk as the ultimate goal and the reward for the person who loses the most weight
  • Discussion of the importance of a healthy approach to weight loss and focusing on overall health and fitness rather than just the number on the scale
  • Sharing of progress, struggles, and successes throughout the challenge
  • Analysis of the decision to release Joe Root to play in the T20 league as a way for him to earn some money and also have some fun, as well as giving some young players a chance to showcase their skills in international cricket
  • Discussion of the uncertainty about which players will be included in the England One Day squad, as many of the regular players are participating in various T20 leagues around the world
  • Examination of the potential use of these leagues as a way for the ECB to evaluate the potential of these players for future selection in the England One Day squad
  • Mention of how it's not uncommon for players to participate in various T20 leagues around the world, as it allows them to earn additional income and gain experience playing against top-level competition
  • Listener Question: Jimmy Davies asks whether the Pakistan Cricket Board prioritizes revenue over results when it comes to producing pitches for test matches.
  • Analysis of the Pakistan vs. New Zealand test series: The host mentions that the test series was exciting, with both matches finishing in draws and the first test match being won by Pakistan with a couple of overs to spare.
  • Discussion on the issue of test matches not lasting the full five days: The host raises the issue of test matches around the world not lasting the full five days, citing factors such as the dominance of one team and poor pitches.
  • Role of players in ensuring an entertaining game: The host emphasizes the importance of players adapting and performing well on different types of pitches, as it is crucial for the game to remain entertaining and attract fans.