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Jan. 11, 2023

How 1 Simple FREE Tool can change your Business in 12 months

How 1 Simple FREE Tool can change your Business in 12 months

Welcome to the First episode of the Six Figure Pivot (previously the Cost of Success) where we help service-based entrepreneurs achieve financial success. In this episode, we are excited to announce our new mission, which is to empower entrepreneurs to net between 100,000 and 500,000 dollars annually through smart business strategies and mindset shifts.

To kick off this new direction, we will be talking about my background for the new listeners and I'll be sharing a story of a solo photographer who changed everything for me. She was struggling to scale and generate more income in her business and had never considered that her methods were wrong. 

This experience sparked a passion in us to share our knowledge and help more entrepreneurs reach their financial goals.

We'll also be diving into the key strategies and tactics that people need to start using in their businesses immediately. In this series we will eventually be discussing issues like identifying the right target market and streamlining services and pricing, I'll be sharing actionable tips that can be applied to any service-based business.

Join me as we take on the journey to six figures and beyond!