So glad I found this podcast. So many stories of powerful women! Thank you for your service Cat and for creating this show. - Podcast Coachng with Christine

Amazing podcast!

As if serving our country wasn’t enough Cat has created such an amazing podcast. She’s a great interviewer and I really enjoy this podcast and the valuable insight she and her guests provide.

great from the start!

As a Navy veteran, I appreciate the the great work that Cat is doing with this podcast! She’s serving an incredibly important niche, and I’m so proud to have her call herself a fellow a fellow servicemember. BZ (that’s like congratulations for you non-military folks) for a job well done! Carry on, Cat!

Amazing podcast!

Wow, this podcast is so inspiring and so needed. This podcast honors and creates visibility in to the lives of female veterans and sheds light on the challenges they face.

"Even after 20 years...I'm still transitioning."

This is a beautiful show that will help so many women who served. While I'm not a veteran, it's easy to see how incredibly valuable this podcast will be to them. I suspect not many have a forum where they can be heard & understood. Cat genuinely cares for her fellow female service members and offers a subject that deserves discussion. I hope all of them find this show. Thank you for your service, Cat.

Wow great podcast!

Very inspiration message, love it!