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Dec. 29, 2023

The Night Before Movie Review (2015), ACT 3

The Night Before Movie Review (2015), ACT 3


Join Alex, Bogard, & Nelson for this 30th Year Anniversary Silver Screen Breakdown of 215 New Christmas Classic THE NIGHT BEFORE. In December 2001, Ethan Miller loses his parents in a car accident. His best friends Isaac Greenberg and Chris Roberts resolve to spend every Christmas Eve with him so that he will not be alone. The three learn about the exclusive Nutcracker Ball party but are unable to find it.

They continue their collective holiday tradition for many years until 2015, when they finally decide to end the tradition. Chris, now a famous football player, and Isaac, married with a baby on the way, worry that Ethan, a struggling musician working dead-end jobs, is not ready for the tradition to end.

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The Night Before Cast:

Seth Rogen as Isaac Greenberg

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ethan Miller

Anthony Mackie as Chris Roberts

Lizzy Caplan as Diana, Ethan's ex-girlfriend

Mindy Kaling as Sarah

Jillian Bell[1as Betsy Greenberg, Isaac's wife

Michael Shannon as Mr. Green

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