Shit You Don't Learn in School

Shit You Don't Learn in School

Formal schooling does a terrible job of preparing you to thrive as an adult. The Shit You Don't Learn in School podcast exists to make up for this societal failure. In this show, Calvin Rosser and Steph Smith share stories, insights, and resources designed to help you improve the quality of your personal and professional life. If all works out, you'll be at least 1% better at navigating the waters.

Recent Episodes

80/20 Habits, Beliefs, and Products

Oct. 15, 2021

The information age gives us access to so much advice that it can be hard to see through the noise. 4AM morning routines that don't make sense for you. Productivity hacks that hardly move the needle. Hindsight bias cloaked a…

38. Open Salaries and Solving for an Equitable Workforce

Sept. 30, 2021

With the exception of a few companies like Buffer and GitLab, 99.99%+ of companies opt to keep their salaries closed. This closed nature creates information asymmetry and at times, inequity in the workplace. Lack of transpar…

37. Should Billionaires Exist?

Sept. 19, 2021

Wealth inequality has been increasing for decades, and recently, there has been a heightened focus on billionaires as we debate what to do about the concentration of large swaths of wealth in a few hands. In this episode, St…

36. The Psychology of Pricing

Sept. 12, 2021

In this episode, Cal and Steph discuss the subjective nature of pricing. They explore how a value extends beyond utility or the physical nature of an asset (think luxury items, NFTs, etc) and use these ideas to explore new p…

35. Does Marriage, Retirement, or the 40-Hour Work Week Still Make Sense?

Sept. 4, 2021

In this episode, Steph and Cal dive deep into traditions, the societal defaults that shape how we think and act in the world. They start by exploring the origins of the 40-hour work week, modern alternatives, and how we can …

34. Rethinking Productivity & How You Spend Your Time

Aug. 8, 2021

The big failure of most productivity advice is the focus on efficiency – getting things done more quickly. We should be focused on effectiveness – making sure we're doing the right things. In this episode, Steph and Cal expl…