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May 17, 2021

S4-EP4 - Brand strategy and community building, raising vibrations with Ego Aniebue

S4-EP4 - Brand strategy and community building, raising vibrations with Ego Aniebue

On this episode with Ego Aniebue we discuss: 

Growing up and insecurity

Brand strategy and community building

Building a successful business online

Introverts and business

Raising your vibrations

Personal story and experience

And more...

About Ego:

Ego is the Founder & CEO of Every Girl Africa, and works as a Creative Lead [Partner at Produktiviti Konsult], Brand Strategist and Social Media Manager. An expert in brand design & executing social media strategies to achieve market targets and also teaches entrepreneurs how to build their personal brands online. With Every Girl Africa Ego is working to build a safe and supportive community for African girls to celebrate one another and bond over common interests, passion and purpose. Ego also recently published her E-book titled The Complete Guide To Raising Your Vibrations - to the highest frequency possible to live a fuller, more vibrant life and attract what you want. It's free and available to download HERE

Takeaway for this episode: Invest in yourself, treat social media like it's your business, create a steady and sustainable source of income for yourself by building a brand online and selling your products or services.

To connect with Ego:

On Instagram @egoaniebue

On twitter @egoaniebue

Website: http://www.egoaniebue.com/

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