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May 4, 2021

S4-EP3 - Growing up as pastor's daughter with Jesukorede

S4-EP3 - Growing up as pastor's daughter with Jesukorede

On this episode with my guest Jesukorede, she shares with us her experience and the challenges of being a pastor's kid. We discuss:

Growing up, identity crisis

Challenges faced growing up as a pastor's daughter

People's opinions and expectations

Growing up too fast

Families and the subtle influence they have on each other's decision making process

Mental health and therapy

Finding God and the healing process

About Jesukorede:

Jesukorde is a fashion Entrepreneur and freelance content writer, with years of  experience in fashion design and production management, as well as visual and fashion merchandising. Currently, working towards the launch of her fashion brand, House of  Marv — a premium Lingerie brand that produces Lingerie pieces of high aesthetic quality and versatility that personifies the everyday African woman's lifestyle.

Takeaway for this episode: You are allowed to feel the fear but don't let it direct you, quitting is not an option.

To connect with Jesukorede:

On instagram @_jesukorede_

On Linkedin  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesukorede-esther-ageless

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