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April 26, 2021

S4-EP2 - From Kenya to Budapest, Hungary with Tabitha Nyawira (Diaspora woman series)

S4-EP2 - From Kenya to Budapest, Hungary with Tabitha Nyawira (Diaspora woman series)

On this episode with Tabitha Nyawira she shares with us her journey from Kenya to Budapest, Hungary and life in the diaspora. We discuss:

Growing up, education, identity crisis

Kenyan living

Volunteering and traveling

Life and work in the diaspora

Dating, different culture shock and all the banter...

About Tabitha:

Born and raised in Kenya, Tabitha is one who is passionate about volunteering for a good cause especially for women and children, loves to travel, loves fashion and acting and currently living and working as an HR/Talent manager in Budapest, Hungary while improving her Spanish speaking skills and fitness journey.

Takeaway for this episode: To take advantage of traveling while you've the opportunity 

To connect with Tabitha:

On Instagram @n.y.a.w.i.r.a 

On LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/tabitha-nyawira-00789368

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