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April 16, 2021

S4-EP1 - The girl who left home with Rita Chukwuike (Diaspora woman series)

S4-EP1 - The girl who left home with Rita Chukwuike (Diaspora woman series)

On this episode with Rita Chukwuike she shares with us her life journey and transitions:

Growing up, identity crisis, peer pressure

Leaving home for school

Alone and pregnant

Coming back with a baby

Reactions from family

Finding herself

Work and career

Meeting the father of her son

Leaving her son home, parents support and much more.

About Rita Chukwuike:

Rita Chukwuike is a life enthusiast, one who's passionate about authentic living, a self motivated individual constantly exploring life and all she can be in it. Rita has worked as a humanitarian and a social worker with focus on women and children, Rita is from Nigeria but currently living and working in Johanesburg, South Africa. She's currently an audio editor and the host of The Girl Unplugged Podcast.

Takeaway for this episode: Living unafraid and true to yourself and life journey

To connect with Rita:

Instagram @thegirlunplugged and @thegirlwholefthome

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