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Sept. 21, 2022

43. How to Communicate Effectively with Chris Ingram

43. How to Communicate Effectively with Chris Ingram

Chris' background is in trade and foreign policy, but joined the Army infantry for a profession. We talk about how he has seen foreign policy develop in the last 20 years across a civilian job on Capitol Hill and then throughout his time deployed in the Middle East. Chris talks about his stint as a speechwriter for a senior officer and the things he'd learned about how to communicate more effectively. And last, we dive into the Military Writers Guild, of whom Chris is the President, and why writing is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

You can reach out to Chris on Twitter.


Military Writers Guild Twitter

Show Notes:

• (01:05) - Capitol Hill and then the Army
• (02:20) - What is foreign policy?
• (05:46) - Major foreign policy changes over the last 20 years
• (13:42) - Trade as a weapon
• (19:10) - Why Join the infantry after a promising career in politics
• (22:18) - How have economic views on Afghanistan changed after joining the Army
• (28:07) - Joining the service later in life, pros and cons
• (32:17) - Speech writing and effective communication
• (39:17) - Best practices for speaking in a thoughtful and compelling way
• (43:00) - Takeaways from Afghanistan
• (47:04) - The power to change one regulation in the Army
• (51:40) - The Military Writers Guild, what it is and what is offered
• (01:00:40) - The future of the guild
• (01:05:13) - Book recommendations

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