39. How to Develop a Team on a Schedule with Micah Taylor

August 24, 2022

39. How to Develop a Team on a Schedule with Micah Taylor
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The Scuttlebutt Podcast - The podcast for service members and veterans building a life outside the military.

In this episode, Brock talks with Micah Taylor. 

Micah spent 20 years in the National Guard working in many positions, but heavily focused on training. In this conversation we talk about the guard as an augment to your life and the good things and bad that come with it. Micah has a passion for the concept of 'safety in teams' and how to breed that. That brings us to talk through her formula to promote it and develop it internally. We also talk through how she promotes development of her team members by adhering to a strict timeline for growth. 

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Hire Heroes



(2:30) - The Guard as a positive augment to your life. 

(13:20) - Long duty stations: the pros and cons

(20:10) - Mental & Psychological safety in teams

(29:00) - The difference in military teams vs civilian and how to implement

(39:20) - Overcoming objections to strict growth timelines

(41:40) - Determining incentives

(45:40) - Benefits of saying yes to everything

(49:30) - The military's biggest opportunity in training

(56:30) - When was time to call it good in the military and joining Hire Heroes

(01:05:00) - Hire Heroes - the offering and how they help

(01:10:50) - What passion really means

(01:18:20) - How to prepare to get out from any time standpoint

(01:25:20) - Time at the USO

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