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THE LEGACY (1978) with The V.D. Clinic & Gayly Dreadful

October 22, 2019

THE LEGACY (1978) with The V.D. Clinic & Gayly Dreadful
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Day 4 of the Countdown To Halloween Pod-a-Thon finds me trapped in an ancient British manor house with a horde of creepy rich people; one of whom is murdering the other guests one by one via witchcraft!

We're talking about director Richard Marquand's elegantly wicked chiller, THE LEGACY, starring Katharine Ross, Sam Elliott and his chest pelt, Roger Daltry, creepy cats, creepy nurses, janky jewelry, choking chicken, luxury plaid muumuus, the song stylings of Kiki Dee and some spectacular black magic mayhem.

I'm joined by V.D. Clinic Podcast's co-host Vanessa McEnery and Gayly Dreadful's curator Terry Mesnard; both of whom were traumatized by the film.

Vanessa can never enjoy a pool party ever again now.

Terry will never eat pâté again.

And after I watched it as a child, this movie made me gay

THANK GOD for that, but don't say I didn't warn you...


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