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Chaotic neutral, always horny

Salty. Monster fucker. Always needs coffee. NO IT IS A FUCKING NEED THANK YOU..

Co-host of the CREEPY KITCH Podcast

Slashers Canadian Horror

"You're my cookie, and I could gobble you up..." - BLACK XMAS (2006)

Dec. 16, 2022

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays...unless you live in the house a recently escaped killer used to reside in. Following the tradition of the past few years, I let you, the listeners, decide what holiday horror …

Slashers Offbeat 80'S Horror


Dec. 4, 2021

Before SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT, there was another Psycho Santa out to ruin your Christmas. Directed by DAVID HESS, star of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, TO ALL A GOODNIGHT (1980) is the cautionary tale of a group of finishing sc…

Offbeat Comedies 80'S Horror

225: Visiting Stacy & Cindy at CREEPY KITCH with LEPRECHAUN 3 & SLEEPWALKERS

Aug. 29, 2018

Stacy, Cindy and I sink our fangs into LEPRECHAUN 3 and STEPHEN KING's SLEEPWALKERS, so expect a lot of terrible Irish accents, cat tangents, incest jokes and a sequel pitch Hollywood is too chicken to make! Plus, SMOOCHIE W…