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Meet Mike, Bobby, Gertie and Sudds - just four simple pals who love to talk sports over a drabble of some fine scotch. Hailing from the fine province of Ontario, Canada - we'll bring you the hard hitting takes, analysis, and lots of fun!

New episodes drop weekly, so listen in to Scotch N Sports - Your first class sports source!

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Scotch N Dads - The Search for Walter Gretzky

Feb. 13, 2021

Remix! The Dads on Dayquil and Scotch N Sports combine forces in a special collaboration episode bu…

Episode 32 - He's the Goat, who's the goat? A mountain goat?

Feb. 11, 2021

Lots of talk on who's the goat, our scotch is soured! But its okay we have the next scotch on the s…

Episode 31 - Super Bowl LV Preview! Feat. Ben Bagley from Trade Bait Podcast

Feb. 5, 2021

It's that time of year! Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, we bring you a superbowl preview…

Episode 30 - Rings, Rebounds, Drive-Thrus and Deliveries

Jan. 31, 2021

Knock, knock... who's there? Cookies of course. Gertie explains why his household is a better place…

Episode 29 - New Year, New Tears, New Beers

Jan. 28, 2021

The guys console Gertie...he's sad, reviewing the NFL conference championship games, and our next S…

Episode 28 - The SNS Hattrick: Goals, Assists and A.R.D's

Jan. 24, 2021

The guys discuss the first week of the NHL regular season, the PLD saga, Babcock's comments and wha…