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Dec. 17, 2021

Why we Sleep?

Why we Sleep?

We need sleep. Have you ever given it a thought- Why? We spend one-third of our lives sleeping- doing nothing. So why do we need sleep? What’s the science behind? And also your curious questions about sleep that we have received- like the amount of sleep you need, consequences of insufficient sleep and also oversleep.

We are thankful to Dr Nasreen Akhtar, AIIMS, New Delhi for answering all our curious questions. 

The episode was hosted by Niraj Gupta and Muskan Mittal (Welcome to the Science up! Team)

We answered,

Why do we need Sleep- the science behind

how much sleep do humans need

Importance of getting enough sleep

Can you actually compensate the amount of sleep you didn't take previous night

Compromising sleep amid exams

Consequences and long-term effects of insufficient sleep/ sleep loss

What happens if a person doesn't sleep for a few days? Or sleep only for just few hours

Effect of prolonged use of screens- mobile phones/laptops 

Is Oversleeping bad

Connection of sleep and diseases like Alzeihmer's

General advice on Sleep Hygiene and a quality sleep

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Sleep better, Stay Healthy